Bye, bye, hair loss. -
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Bye, bye, hair loss.

Bye, bye, hair loss.

Seasonal changes, stress,  vitamins deficiency, hormonal alterations, … They seem to be the cause of the hair loss.

In the market, we find all kinds of “miraculous” products that promise to end the total hair loss. Do not trust and let yourself be advised only by real hair professionals.

Koxidil is a professional treatment which helps fight the main alterations responsible of hair loss.  You will find it in hairdressers and specialized salons.

Its formula incorporates active ingredients that improve the microcirculation and stimulate the root cellular activity which causes the increase of hair in the growth phase and decreases the amount in the fall phase. The ampoules action is complemented with the Regenerate shampoo. The complete treatment helps to revitalize the hair, increasing its strength and elasticity, nourishes it and gives it density.

Prevent hair loss by reserving your Koxidil Treatment Pack.