| Coloración free – Luxshine
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Coloración free – Luxshine

Coloración free – Luxshine

Free colouring is here to stay!  Kosswell Professional has developed LUXSHINE, a  colouring free from PPD, ammonia, and parabens.

Our technical team is the best ambassador of this new coloration line that is reaping many successes in training with a great implication on the part of all the assistants. More and more users are betting on a hair color that is respectful to the hair and free of PPD. Therefore, it is important to carry out a well-directed training in which all the possibilities of color are valued.

The Kosswell Professional ammonia-free colouring  – Luxshine – is enriched with exclusive cashmere fibers that protect and bring shine and a new color enhancer, which delays the oxidation process during application and makes it long lasting.