Hair Rituals I. Three-step hair care. -
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Hair Rituals I. Three-step hair care.

Hair Rituals I. Three-step hair care.

Combats dry and porous hair with an ultra- nutritive and hydrating shoot. With 3 simple steps, combining specific products created by Kosswell Professional.

The results are amazing from the first application:  more hydrated, shinier, straightener hair.

step 1

Wash your hair twice with  Structure Repair shampoo. Apply the second time with a deep massage.

step 3

Structure Repair Mask: Apply to hair after washing and drying with a towel. Leave on to act for 10′. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Structure Repair Mask is enriched with Nutri active cell system. The lipophilic – hydrophilic agents enable the penetration in the cuticle and cortex and make easy the repairing of broken or damaged microfibers. It gives to hair cationic additives to avoid frizzy hair.

step 3

After washing and drying with a towel, apply a small amount, the size of a hazelnut, through the hair with a gentle massage. Pay special attention to lengths and tips. Proceed with styling. No rinse. It makes the combing easy and thanks to its Nutri- active cells and Argan oil formula.

In three steps you’ll get:

Care Nourished Strong Elasticity VitalityBrightness Hair