Hair rituals II. Colour & Care -
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Hair rituals II. Colour & Care

Hair rituals II. Colour & Care

Ideal Colour is the ideal treatment for a perfect ritual on dyed or coloured hair. Ideal Colour shampoo brings shine and improves colour retention. Ideal Colour Mask is a colour protective mask with sunscreen and micro particles that protect the color of UV-B rays.

In this step by step we complement this intensive treatment with two restorative and nutritive products: Instant Treatment and Macadam Oil.

Step 1:

Wash hair twice with Ideal Colour shampoo. Perform a deep massage in the second shampoo.

Step 2:

Remove excess moisture with a towel. Apply the Ideal Colour mask in the media and tip area. It allows to act from 5’to 10 ‘for greater hydration. The synergistic effect of their assets favors the duration and fixation of the color. It clarifies abundantly.

Step 3

Removes excess moisture and applies a small amount of Macadam Oil. Do not rinse and proceed to normal drying.

If the hair is thick or needs extra hydration, we can mix the Macadam Oil with the treatment without rinsing Instant Treatment. Distribute by means and tips and proceed to the usual hairstyle.

Step 4

Once we have dry hair, we can re-apply a small amount of macadamia oil to bring more shine to the hair and improve the appearance of open ends

Treatment indicated for all types of colored hair to improve the hair fiber, provide shine and maintain the color in the hair for longer.