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Flexible Precission

Instant fixing and natural look

Flexible Precission


Flexible, extra hold fixing spray. Gives shape and shine to hairstyles. Does not leave any residue. Dries quickly, Humidity resistant.


Instant fixing and natural look. Control and definition for a professional finish.


Flexible Precission is a strong and flexible holding hairspray. Gives definition and body to the hair.


+ Body and definition to your hairstyle

+ Extra strong and professional flexible fixing

+ Quick drying and moisture resistant

+ Instant fixing and natural look

+ Brushes out. Does not live any residue.

Disappears at the stroke of a brush.


Take advantage of Precission Flexible spraying it over dry hair holding the can about 30 cm away.

Ideal for getting profesional final results, either on loose hair or updos. Even on application of hair streighteners or curling tongs.

Fixing level: