Macadamia Oil -
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Macadamia Oil

Un plus para tu cabello y un aliado para ti.

Macadamia Oil

Revitalize your hair from begining to end with a sublime oil: healthy, shiny and silky hair. All proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that your hair needs.

Kosswell Professional has created Macadamia Oil, a professional hair care treatment line.

Macadamia is an extract from the Macadamia tree nut from Australia. Another principal active is Argan Oil.

The high cosmetic quality of Macadamia Oil ensures an exceptional shine, elasticity and strength for a healthy hair. Its fluidity and lightness makes the oil easy to be absorbed so it revitalizes the hair fiber

Right from the first application, it makes hair:


+ Cared for

+ Shiny

+ Strong

Nourishes, moisturises, repairs, adds shine, combats frizziness, strengthens the hair and builds up its elasticity, as well as conditioning and styling.

EXCLUSIVE FORMULA WITH MACADAMIA OIL AND ARGAN OIL. Returns the hair all their resistance, strength and elasticity. It nourishes and gives an instant shine. Revitalizes rough, dry and frizzy hair. Provides long lasting conditioning without leaving residue. Ultra soft, healthy, shiny and silky hair.
Texture: light fluid and oil. Fast absorption.
Hydrates, gives shine and increases shine in color treatments.

How to use:

Apply a small amount to the wet hair at the middle and ends. Dry with a dryer or naturally. Use on dry hair to reduce curling and improve the appearance of Split ends. Incolor treatments add 5 ml of oil to the mixture to leave the hair shinier and ultra- soft.


100 ml bottle.