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A few years back would be crazy to imagine that gray hair would become one of the fashionable tones among the youngest. A very vindictive color, which comes this season renewed in its silver version, providing a more futuristic tone.


Silver tones are great with any cut and adapt to any style, from the most sophisticated to the most casual look. In addition, the gray tones combine with pastel and blue tones, as they provide light and metallic shades to the hair with which to achieve a unique style.

If you want to join this trend, you should know:

  1. Always ask a professional. To achieve this type of tones it is necessary to lighten the hair previously. We suggest consulting a professional hairdresser if you do not want risks. It is not easy to apply this technique to all types of hair. A professional solution is the best care for your hair. Moreover, there are new hair lightener products that protect and conditions your hair as Decowell Plex Care throught the lightening process.
  2. Keep it always perfect. Blondes tend to yellow that can be eliminated in a single service with Matiza 01, a smart toner that removes yellow from hair caused by natural oxidation, bleaching, or harsh chemical treatments and turns them into silver highlighted blonds, into violet, pearl, and gray tones.
  3. Wash it with suitable products. To maintain the original tone for longer, wash it with a specific shampoo for white hair. White Hair Shampoo contains a pigment that neutralizes the yellow tone and provides silver reflections giving to your hair a touch of light and life.


Do you dare?