Summer recipe for beautiful hair -
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Summer recipe for beautiful hair

Summer recipe for beautiful hair

Today we leave you a very fresh recipe so that this summer your hair is more beautiful than ever.


  • Ideal Color Mask / Ideal Color Shampoo
  • Regenerate Shampoo
  • Thermal Protective Keratine
  • Instant Structure Repair
  • Dfine

To start you will need a shampoo, conditioner or mask with UV filter. Our recommendation is that you use the Ideal Color Shampoo shampoo or the Ideal Mask Color Mask, where in addition to keeping color in dyed hair for longer, you will get protection against the effects of the sun on your hair. If you have not dyed your hair, with Daily Shampoo you will get a finish.

Once you have washed your hair, we recommend that you avoid, as much as possible, the use of dryers and irons. If you have no choice and you have to use them, protect it with a thermal protector such as Thermal Protective Keratine.

If you can dry it outdoors, we recommend that you first remove the excess water with a towel, trying not to rub too hard. Press carefully with the towel and see it undoing little by little. In addition, you can always apply a mask without protective rinsing, such as Instant Structure Repair.

To give a special touch to your look, you can make use of some styling products, depending on the cut you wear and the type of hair you have. Test with foams, waxes or hair creams like Curl Trainer. Add an extra, and take the opportunity to go out with a nice hat, which will protect your hair from the sun and boasts a smile.

Happy summer!

Remember to prepare your hair to face the seasonal fall with Regenerate Shampoo.