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Color Sheen formation

Last Tuesday, 10th July, our team travelled to Valencia for a new formation about our new professional hair dye, Color Sheen. Accompanied by our technician, Victoria Paños, more than 25 hairdressing professionals could get to know the first hand of the professional hair dye of Kosswell...



Fashions change continuously, and in a sector like ours, it is vital to be in constant reinvention. Aware of this, Kosswell Professional offers courses throughout the year so you can always offer the latest to your customers. On the occasion of the launch of our new...


Kosswell Training

We know how important training is. Therefore,  from Kosswell Professional, we share our know how and our experience with the professionals. We provide year - round new Training, present new collections, professional workshops, trend studies and conferences, courses about specific treatments. We devise programs that combine innovation, creativity, trend and working techniques...



Kosswell Professional presents a new collection: “The colors” Rosa Candy,  Boho Highlights , Antarctic Ice, Warm Copper, Sweet Honey and Technical Chroma Mix, with surprising results showing mixed graceful color trends . The magical combination of color becomes reality in this new Kosswell shooting  with the title "The Colors...


Swinging Look Collection

On May 18, Kosswell Professional introduced the Swinging Look Collection in Alicante with Fersana. A collection inspired by the '60s, where reigned sober and elegant styling with a feminine touch. Because fashion is cyclical and therefore become all the styles...


Talavera de la Reina

KOSSWELL PROFESSIONAL team moved to Talavera de la Reina (Madrid) to provide a new training cut and color session. Long, midi and cuts lb (long-bob) combined with red, natural, blond to show the trendiest looks this season. We know how important is training in our sector....


Seminars video

We know how important is the training in our sector. Therefore, from Kosswell Professional, we share our expertise and our experience with my salon. We provide all year training courses, presenting new collections, professional workshops, conferences and studies on trends....